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With 10+ years of industry experience, I’m a Google Ads certified professional and the marketer that brands trust (including Flash, Sleepycat, Zestmoney, Paperboat, Drinkprime and more).

The truth is:
you don’t need more traffic, you need more CUSTOMERS.


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Your Business Needs Me As A Digital Advertising Consultant If It’s Struggling With…


Setting clear and measurable goals


Generating more leads and sales


Getting the results you want


Taking the guesswork out of digital marketing


Creating a strong online presence


Optimizing your website for conversions

Digital Marketing Consulting Services


1 on 1 Call with Prashant Saini

Digital marketing is a powerful medium to help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a growing startup, or an established business, digital marketing can help you reach a broader audience, connect with your target customers, and generate more leads and sales.

To help improve your current digital marketing strategy or develop a digital growth plan for your brand, consult Prashant Saini today! With over ten years of experience, he has helped businesses of all sizes in achieving their digital marketing targets, and he can help you in doing the same.

  •   Strategize with a 360-degree perspective.
  •   Avail tailored digital suggestions
  •   Capitalize on Prashant’s over 10 years of industry experience
  •   Benefit from tried-and-tested methods for success

  •   Evaluation of digital presence
  •   Auditing website and exisiting digital channels
  •   Campaign strategies
  •   Creative audit
  •   Plan of action

  •   Benchmarking against top competitors
  •   In-depth analysis
  •   Competitor’s creative review
  •   Identify gaps & growth opportunities
  •   Evaluating compititor's digital presense and strategy

  •   Defining growth objectives
  •   User acquisition planning
  •   A/B testing on creative & LP
  •   User retention planning
  •   Omni-channel marketing strategy
  •   Understanding gaps and growth opportunities

  •   Identifying Buyer Persona
  •   Lead generation
  •   Lead management
  •   Increasing qualified leads
  •   Performance reporting
  •   Website audit
  •   Funnel & drop off evaluation
  •   Conversion rate optimization
  •   A/B testing
  •   Down funnel improvement strategies
  •   Affiliate/Influencer shortlisting
  •   Designing commission structure
  •   Designing activation calender
  •   Fraud detection strat
  •   Digital distribution plan


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With over 10 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, I'm nurtured with both start-up agility and versatility as well as corporate knowledge and maturity.

Digital Business Auditing and Strategy Consulting is Ideal for




Business Owners


Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a growing startup, or an established business, this package will help you understand the ideal digital strategy you need to opt for. in order to maximise your business growth.

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

What You Can Expect


Evaluation of Digital Presence

I will examine your brand's current online presence across digital channels, measure the traffic volumes/quality from each and present you the gaps & growth potential.

Auditing Website and Exisiting Digital Channels

I'll carry out a through website and digital channel audit to identify gaps and opportunities across different stages of the funnel as well as across digital executions.

Campaign Strategies

I will provide you with tailored campaign structure and execution plan to help run a profitable digital campaign across different channel mix.

Creative Audit

Today, a lot is driven by right mix of creatives across different digital channels. I'll help you identify the winning creatives and replicate it's elements with right mix of sizes, formats for each channels to deliver success.

Plan of Action

Following the entire audit and evaluation, I'll help suggest a plan of action that suits the brand and ensures on delivering extraordinary results.

Competitor Research

I will analyse and present you with key aspects of your top competitors, like their websites, social media activities, and paid advertising campaigns across channels, in order to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and media strategies.

Opting for this service will provide you with a clear understanding of your brand's current digital footprint and it's effectiveness along with a tailored strategy to significantly improve it. As part of this service I'll enable your brand to develop effective marketing messages and campaign execution strategies that will assist in increasing your leads or sales volume.

How It Works


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Whether you’re a Founder, a COO, or a CMO, you’re already juggling a lot of responsibilities.
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I have helped businesses grow their online presence and move their business revenues on an upward trajectory. Take a glimpse at the growth contribution I’ve made so far.

Delivered 3X growth in ROAS and 10X growth in revenue within 1st month of onboarding for an e-commerce client.

I’ve scaled revenue from 5-figures to 7-figures in 3 months with proven executions for an e-commerce client.

Delivered 2X increase in leads week-on-week leading to 0 to 1500 leads in less than a month for a product company.

I’ve helped clients grow brand & organic traffic by 10%-15% week-on-week with proven brand campaign executions.

Maintained a 30% revenue growth YOY and a 700%+ ROAS throughout for an e-commerce client.

I’ve helped clients setup an ideal digital infrastructure to generate sustainable revenue and track key KPIs.

And that’s not all…

With my digital marketing consulting services and strategies, you can be certain of implementing planned and targeted campaigns backed by research that will drive the marketing objectives and grow your business KPIs.

Are you ready to onboard on the growth journey?

I’m the Missing Piece to Your Growth Puzzle


I’ll give your business the right direction and the wings (strategies) to reach new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my business needs a Digital Markeing Consultant?

You would need a Digital Marketing Expert to help you if your business is struggling with setting clear and measurable goals, generating more leads and sales, getting the results it wants, optimizing the website for conversions, and similar challenges.

2. How long have you been in the Digital Marketing or Performance Marketing feild?

I have more than 10 years of experience in digital advertising along with 6 years of corporate experience across different industries like Beauty & Wellness, Furniture, Food & Beverages, Fintech, and many more.

3. How many clients have you worked with?

We have successfully completed 110+ projects. Some of the clients have stayed with us for more than 2 years before moving to a in-house setup due to business dynamics.

4. Do you value transparency? Will I get complete access to my data & campaigns at all time?

Yes, I value transparency the most. You will have access to your advertising platforms, campaigns, and reporting templates at all times. You will always be the super admin while I help you succeed on the advertising platforms.

5. What standard reports do you provide, and what types of metrics will I be able to ask for “on demand”?

I will provide you with a Google Sheets reporting template that includes all key metrics from campaign performance on a weekly basis. Any ad hoc requirements can be fulfilled based on the initial SOW agreement. Rest assured, I'll try to provide all feasible ad reports related to advertising campaigns/platforms.

6. How is a new project or service inquiry handled at your company?

As soon as we receive a new request, we arrange a video discovery call with the potential client in order to thoroughly understand their needs and goals. After that, we set up a second session to talk about a custom plan based on the needs and objectives of the client. Once everyone is on the same page, we start the onboarding process.

“When you win, I win!”

Win more traffic, customers, and revenue for your business with an expert digital marketing consultant by your side. Let’s work together.

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